Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Apple Cranberry Jam

Back in late October I was able to get a great deal on some apples and cranberries at our local market. I have had this recipe tagged ever since she posted it so I gave it a try. I peeled and chopped up all the apples and then added everything into the pot. I also added some cinnamon and a little dash of nutmeg. The whole house smelled so yummy all afternoon; it was delightful.

In the end, the jam turned out delicious but more like a chunky chutney because I did not cut the fruit up enough. I will definitely make this again next year but cut the apples up much smaller to start with. I was expecting them to cook down more than they did. I guess that is just part of the learning process.

So now we have all these jars of delicious jam that is a bit too chunky to spread on toast. Instead we have been learning new ways to use it. We have added it to plain oatmeal for a warm holiday-flavored breakfast. I have also made whole grain pancakes with a spoonful of the jam in the middle, inspired by this post. They were super yummy and we will be doing that again. Both of my girls love yogurt so I think our next experiment will be added a spoonful of Apple Cinnamon Jam to plain or vanilla yogurt. Have any of you ever tried added fruit preserves to yogurt before? Any other ideas for ways to use our fruit chutney?

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