Friday, January 27, 2012

Felt Flower Clips

After seeing similar felt flowers all over the Internet and helping a friend make a few it was time to tackle making some of these for the girls. There are so many great tutorials out there but after reading through a few I just went for it and didn't follow any one specifically. The neutral colored flowers were made to match specific dresses the girls were wearing.

Basically we cut and glued using a hot glue gun to create the flowers. Then we choose some old clips from the bottom of the girls bathroom drawer and I stitched the flowers onto them. This way we were able to use supplies we already had on hand. My biggest tip would be using the hot glue gun. These clips have been thrown around, played with, worn numerous times, and tumbled around the bottom of backpacks and purses yet they are still going strong. When we were rolling the felt to create the flower I had Sydney put a dab of glue about every inch.

They are a big hit and I have requests from Sydney for specific colors. She is my fashionista who loves accessories and I think I can make some to her liking. Did you know there is felt with glitter in it? Sydney already discovered it. The other great thing about these is she was able to help with quite a bit of it. She really wants to participate more in my crafting and sewing adventures. One of my goals is to take the time to teach her more sewing this year so I think we will find an afternoon to make more together. Do you have any favorite color schemes we should try?

If you are interested in making some here are a few great tutorials I found helpful.

Rosette Felt Flower found via iCandy Homemade.

Mum Inspired Felt Flowers from this Autumn Bloom Belt Tutorial.

Adorable sewn Felt Flower.

And finally this intricate and detailed Felt Dahlia Brooch.

I'm inspired to go make more. Happy creating.


  1. very cute! I keep wanting to make some of these. They turned out great!

  2. I've made all of K's flower hair clips. To make the back prettier, I usually cut a piece of felt and a little slit in it and slip the bottom of the clip through, then glue the top of the clip and the covering felt to the bottom and stitch around the edge of the felt piece with either a coordinating or contrasting thread. Adding small buttons or beads to the centers of the flowers (either stitching or gluing) is a nice accent. Oh, and I made one of the dahlias. Lots more time consuming, but very beautiful results!