Thursday, May 31, 2012

Quilted Burp Cloths

I have wanted to try making some burp cloths for a long time now. I have noticed that most burp cloths that you purchase at the store are thin little things and not really much help. They may look cute but the smallest bit of liquid goes right through them. The best ones we have are actually cloth diapers that we use as burp cloths. While I have been lucky and none of my kids have spit up a lot, I still wanted to try making some more useful cloths to give out to friends and family. So this is my first shot at creating a shape I thought would work well.

I drafted a pattern on paper first and then edited a couple time before cutting out this gorgeous fabric from the Quilt Blocks line by Ellen Baker. The fabric is so soft and great to work with. I want to make a whole quilt with it and maybe some more fun summer skirts for the girls. I love how it looks geometric and simple. I think these two in particular are perfect for a little boy.

The first looks like building blocks and the second looks like it could be gears. I simply backed them with a nice terry cloth so that they are thick enough for those leaky bottles or burping babies. I really like how they turned out.

I may adjust the shape a bit. I think they look a bit like diapers so I was thinking of making the curves a bit softer. I like that they are thinner over the shoulder yet cover a good portion of your clothes. What do you guys think? Do you like the shape? What things do you look for in a good burp cloth or what were your favorite burp cloths?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pink and Turquoise Animal Prints

In the new house Sydney will have her own room. After looking at too much inspiration and becoming overwhelmed by the possibilities we have settled on a pink and turquoise room. I did not want a theme that was too specific that we would be limited or tied down to it. Sydney is very eclectic and definitely has her own style and I wanted to give her the freedom to express that through her room. 

Now that we have a general idea of what we are going to do I am having fun looking at different prints for her walls. Above are some animal prints I saw, here are the links.

  1. Hummingbird and Nest
  2. Narwhals
  3. Elephant
  4. Turquoise bird
  5. Egert
  6. Two-part Alligator
  7. Pink on pink Deer

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Quick Matching Skirts for the Girls

Michelle and Bryanne at Michelle Patterns had a little Pinterest challenge going on this past week. Pinterest is such a fun site and I keep finding myself on there adding all kinds of goodies and ideas to my boards. I have slowly been making stuff but when I saw her challenge to sew up something I had pinned I jumped at it.

I have a bunch of skirt patterns and tutorials pinned that I'd love to make for Sydney. As I've mentioned before my oldest daughter is very tall for her age and the styles right now are short. This leaves my sweet girl with not many dresses and skirts to wear so I have wanted to make her some so that I can just add a little length to them.

I decided to start with a simple pattern so Saturday morning I pulled out some fabric I had been saving and got to work. Of course once I was making one for big sister, little sister wanted one too. The fabric is two prints from the Early Bird line by Jane Sassaman, it is a quilting weight and just right for summer skirts. I used this great tutorial from Hickety Pickety Handmade. I love the lighter weight fabric with this pattern because that bottom band of fabric is folded giving it double the thickness. This works perfectly to keep the skirt in place when the girls are running all over. They have already worn them twice.

This exercise showed me that with just a little time I can be turning those inspirational pins into actual items for my home and family. Now if I can just fins a little more time maybe I'll make some more skirts and dresses. What have you pinned that is at the top of your list to sew, craft, or bake? I think next I'll be trying some fabric flowers and orange push-up smoothies.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Winner

Wow what a fun week. Thank you to all of you that took the time to come visit me this week and comment. I had lots of fun finding new blogs and I hope you did too.

The Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day winner of the 2 yards of fabric is Lynne. I've emailed you.

Now I don't know about you but I sure put a lot of things on the back burner in order to browse through all the lovely blogs participating in the giveaway this week. I really need to get back to finishing up a couple projects and working on more packing. What did you procrastinate this week in order to look through all those blogs?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Banana Fosters Bread Recipe

If you are looking for the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway it can be found here.

I mentioned making Shane banana fosters bread for his birthday. We have made this bread three times this month. It is that good. In fact I'm already trying to figure out an excuse to make it again. I combined a couple recipes to make the first round and then adjusted and perfected it along the way. Would you like to make some? Here's the recipe and tips for a great yummy bread.

Recipe for Banana Fosters Bread
Adapted from the Basic Banana Bread recipe from the Better Homes & Garden Cookbook

2 cups flour
1 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
2 beaten eggs
1 1/2 cups mashed bananas (about 5 medium)
1 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup rum
1/2 cup butter
1/4 cup chopped walnuts or pecans (optional)

Rum Drizzle Ingredients:
1 tablespoon rum
1 tablespoon milk
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 cup powdered sugar

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees and grease a 9X5X3 inch bread pan.

2. Mash the bananas and combine with rum, butter, and 1/2 cup of brown sugar in a pan on the stove. Heat over medium heat until the butter is melted and all the ingredients are well combined.

3. Beat the eggs in a large bowl or mixer. Add the other 1/2 cup brown sugar. Pour in the banana mixture and combine.

4. In a separate large bowl, combine flour, salt, baking soda, baking powder, cinnamon, and nutmeg. When finished make a well in the flour mixture.

5. Pour the wet ingredients into the well made in your flour mixture and mix with a wooden spoon or spatula just until combined.

6. Add chopped nuts if you want and fold gently into dough.

7. Pour dough into pan and place in the oven. Bake for about 55 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean when inserted into the middle of the bread.

8. Remove from oven and let cool on a wire rack for 10 minutes. Then run a butter knife along the edges and remove the bread from the pan. Allow bread to continue to cool on a wire rack.

9. Meanwhile, combine rum, powdered sugar, vanilla, and milk to make the frosting. I like to make mine a bit thicker by added a touch more powdered sugar. This way it will not all run off the bread.

10. Place bread on a plate and pour frosting over the top. You can serve immediately or once the frosting is set, wrap in plastic wrap for later.

Tips for a great bread.
  • Use plenty of bananas. If you error on the side of fewer bananas your bread will be a bit dry. However, if you add an extra half a banana your bread will be moist and have lots of banana flavor.
  • To mash my bananas I simply peel, lay them of a plate, and use a large fork to mash them up. 
  • Do NOT over mix your bread when you combine the dry and wet ingredients. Over mixing will make your bread tough and dry.
  • If you prefer you can make use two 7 1/2 X 3 1/2 X 2 inch pans. Only bake them for about 40 minutes.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day **Now Closed**

If you are visiting for the first time, welcome to Mulholland Homestead. You can find out a bit more about me here.

Today is Sew Mama Sew's big Giveaway Day. In the past I have loved finding wonderful new blogs and winning great prizes during their giveaways. This year I thought it would be fun to participate and give away some beautiful fabric.

I am giving away these two one yard pieces from Jane Sassaman's line Early Bird for Free Spirit Fabrics.

Thanks for stopping by. I love meeting new people and discovering new blogs. The sewing/crafting online community is such an inspiring place. Here are all the details of the giveaway.

  • To win please leave a comment on this post. And just for fun, tell me your favorite thing to do with your family or friends. 
  • If you would like an extra chance to win please become a follower, you don't have to but it makes my day to see new people over there! 
  • Don't forget to include a way for me to contact you!  
  • This giveaway will be open all week, closing on May 25th.
  •  I will email the winner as well as post that info here on the blog by the 26th.
  • I will ship internationally, since I love having visitors from all over the world.
  • I will choose the winner at randomly.

Now hop on over to Sew Mama Sew and visit more of the great blogs hosting giveaways today.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

More Gifts for Luke

Too much time has passed since I shared the first set of handmade goodies little Luke received. Our little man is now five months old. It is so weird to even type that out. So without further ado, here are a few more of the awesome gifts we received for Luke.

Knit sweater

My auntie knit this sweater for Luke. I love the gray color and the cute little button. I love that Luke has a hand-knit sweater to wear next fall. This really drives my desire to learn to knit. Maybe after the move I will give it a try again. I may just need to spend some time on a couch next to my aunt with some knitting needles and some tea. I'm sure the kids would all sit quietly while I practice, right? I just think they all need a couple of these simple, beautiful sweaters.

Appliqued blankets

A dear friend made these amazing flannel blankets with applique details. She simply cut the flannel into a large square, hemmed the edges, added little crocheted edgings, and finally stitched on those cute appliqued touches. I use these every day. They are big, about 44inches square, and since they are just one layer they are nice and light. These blankets are perfect for nursing my babe who always seems like he is hot.

Flannel Quilt

Like I've mentioned before, we are so blessed by friends and family. Here is another example of the love little Luke has been shown. This little quilt is two flannels patchworked together for the front. I just love the combination of the two prints. The half square triangles are pieced wonderfully and make such an interesting pattern for my little guy to study. It is backed with minky making it super soft and warm. We've used this quilt alot as a playmate.

Crocheted R2D2 blanket

And finally, look at this amazing blanket. It was crocheted to resemble R2D2. I think it is just brilliant. I love that she even included a bit of red. I know this blanket will get lots of love. Violet still loves her crocheted blanket our friend made her.

I hope you enjoyed seeing a few of the gifts Luke received. These ladies are definitely inspiring. I have six friends expecting right now; as well as, both my sister and sister-in-law. Needless to say I have lots of fun making and creating in my future. What is your favorite baby gift to give, make, or receive?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Little Game of Tag

Tara at True, Pure, Lovely tagged me awhile back with a few questions. Hopefully she will forgive my delay and enjoy the answers to her thoughtful questions. If you haven't checked Tara's blog out before you definitely should. She has some inspirational kids clothing posts. She is always creating something fun and inspiring me to make more clothes for my kids.

So want to find out a little more about me? On with the questions. 

1. When you were little,what did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be a mom. Lucky for me, I met the man of my dreams and he works hard so I can stay home with our three children. I feel very blessed!

2. What skill would you like to learn?
This is a hard question because there are so many. I love the learning process. Currently increasing my knitting skills, learning to sew and even draft patterns for kids clothes, and becoming a better photographer are all high on the list.

3. What is your favorite season?
Autumn. I love the colors, the holidays, the food, the weather...I could go on and on.

4. What is your favorite t.v. series (past or current)?
Hmm. Nothing comes to mind right away. We don't have cable and don't watch too much television. However, recently I've been watching, and loving, Mad Men and I can hardly wait for more Downton Abbey.

5. If calories didn't exists what food would you eat all the time?
Carbs! Hands down.

6. What was the first book you remember really liking?
I read a lot as a kid. I remember always loving time spent with a good book. Not sure what the first was but Little House on the Prairie, Nancy Drew, the Secret Garden, and the Babysitter Club books would all be at the top of my list.

7. What is your favorite time of day?
I'm usually a morning person. But that only counts if I've had enough sleep.

8. What  was your first job?
Doing filing and basic office work for my dad.

9. What was your favorite birthday?
I remember many birthdays growing up fondly but this past year was really fun. My husband really spoiled me.

10. What was your worst cooking disaster?
Ok this could be a whole blog post itself but here's the shorthand version. It was a few months after we were married and it was Shane's birthday. I wanted to be a good wife and surprise them with a special cake when he returned home. The baking went alright but moments before he came in the door I was pulling the pan out of the oven and burnt myself badly. I did not want to ruin his birthday so I still tried to sing him happy birthday through my tears. Good intentions but completely ludicrous.

11. What is your favorite color?


Thanks Tara for the fun questions. I hope you all had fun getting a glimpse inside my head. Until next time.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Felt Coffee Cozy

I won this beautiful coffee cozy from the amazing Chirpings of Little Bird. It is made with the softest felt and she even added this adorable appliqued bird. I think it is just beautiful. If you have a minute go check out her shop. You can pick up a cozy for a great price or look at these mustard seed necklaces. The teal one is on my wish list.

Friday, May 11, 2012


Lately I've been...

- packing boxes and getting ready to move into our first home. Yay!
- dreaming of paint colors, decorating ideas, and future projects for previously mentioned new house.
- celebrating my favorite person with bananas foster bread, cupcakes, and snickerdoodle cake. (We know how to eat around here.)
- trying to convince an adorable boy to sleep just a bit more at night.
- watching a beautiful butterfly perform with about 300 other first graders. Such fun chaos.
- seeking moments out to cuddle and play trains with my 2-year old.
- wishing I had more time to make this granola and try other recipes found on pinterest.
- needing to spend less time on pinterest.
- preparing and planning gifts and celebrations for two nephews due later this year.
- spending time with cousins.
- savoring every quiet moment with family and reminding myself that all the craziness lately is due to God's abundant blessings.
- enjoying the warm weather with picnics, walks, and trips to the zoo.
- celebrating a milestone 80th birthday for my grandpa who is such an example of Christ's love to me.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Swoon Quilt in Progress

I've been turning all these pretty little stacks into Swoon blocks. This pattern comes together quickly especially after the first block is complete. I'm close to finishing it up and I'll share more pictures soon. It has been good to practice half square triangles and flying geese blocks.

I have lots to learn for perfect piecing but I'm definitely happy with how they are coming together. Just needs a little ironing.

What are you working on right now? I'm linking up with Freshly Pieced today so if you have a few minutes go check out all the fun craftiness people are working on and be inspired.