Monday, June 24, 2013

Simple Crochet Washcloths

I recently made a couple of simple crocheted washcloths. I like to use 100% cotton for them because they last a little longer. For some reason, most synthetic yarns seem to unravel and break with the scrubbing and repeated washing that our washcloths go through.

In case you would like to make one for your home or for a gift here is a quick pattern.

Simple Crochet Washcloth Pattern
Hook size G
100% Cotton medium gauge yarn

Row 1: Chain 40.
Row 2-31: Chain 1 (for your first stitch). Half double stitch in each remaining stitch.

*As you approach the last row take a minute to measure and see if your washcloth will be square. You can do one less or one more row if you need to help get a nice square washcloth.

*Try changing colors for some variety. You can do stripes or even an ombre washcloth to match your preference and style.
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  1. What a stunning idea, I have always meant to do this and using cotton is a great tip! c

    1. Thank you! Let me know if you make some and how you like using cotton.

  2. These are really cute! I had a pair that was given to us as a wedding gift. I've never learned to crochet. :( Thanks for sharing this at the HomeAcre Hop! We'd love to have you back again tomorrow:

  3. Thanks for linking up with the Independence Days Challenge. I'm featuring this post on tomorrow. Be sure to stop by and check it out!