Thursday, September 8, 2011

Large Fabric Ball

I made this ball for a friend's baby. He will be turning one this fall and is at a perfect age to play with a soft fabric ball. You may have seen a similar one here that I made last Christmas for Violet. I used the same pattern, found in the book Seams to Me from Anna Maria Horner, but I modified it just a bit. Whenever I try out a pattern or recipe I tend to follow the rules the first time and then immediately start making it my own by adjustments and changes. Sometimes these changes work out well and sometimes they fail. I've learned that by following guidelines closely the first time I learn a lot. When I'm seeking to learn a new skill or try something a little different, following the advice and steps of somebody more advanced them me is beneficial. But my creativity gets sort of antsy at just following along so I begin to think about ways to modify even during this process. Usually these ideas either stay buried in my head or scribbled down on a piece of paper somewhere. Occasionally they may get thought about and worked out enough to make it to creation.

For this ball, I used fabrics I had in my stash and scraps from other projects. Recently, I have been loving combinations of colors with gray so I just looked at what I had and started pulling out different options. In the end gray made only a small appearance and was mixed in with rich blues, greens, and browns.

When making toys for little ones I think lots of colors and patterns are perfect. I hope he plays with this for years to come.

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