Saturday, May 19, 2012

More Gifts for Luke

Too much time has passed since I shared the first set of handmade goodies little Luke received. Our little man is now five months old. It is so weird to even type that out. So without further ado, here are a few more of the awesome gifts we received for Luke.

Knit sweater

My auntie knit this sweater for Luke. I love the gray color and the cute little button. I love that Luke has a hand-knit sweater to wear next fall. This really drives my desire to learn to knit. Maybe after the move I will give it a try again. I may just need to spend some time on a couch next to my aunt with some knitting needles and some tea. I'm sure the kids would all sit quietly while I practice, right? I just think they all need a couple of these simple, beautiful sweaters.

Appliqued blankets

A dear friend made these amazing flannel blankets with applique details. She simply cut the flannel into a large square, hemmed the edges, added little crocheted edgings, and finally stitched on those cute appliqued touches. I use these every day. They are big, about 44inches square, and since they are just one layer they are nice and light. These blankets are perfect for nursing my babe who always seems like he is hot.

Flannel Quilt

Like I've mentioned before, we are so blessed by friends and family. Here is another example of the love little Luke has been shown. This little quilt is two flannels patchworked together for the front. I just love the combination of the two prints. The half square triangles are pieced wonderfully and make such an interesting pattern for my little guy to study. It is backed with minky making it super soft and warm. We've used this quilt alot as a playmate.

Crocheted R2D2 blanket

And finally, look at this amazing blanket. It was crocheted to resemble R2D2. I think it is just brilliant. I love that she even included a bit of red. I know this blanket will get lots of love. Violet still loves her crocheted blanket our friend made her.

I hope you enjoyed seeing a few of the gifts Luke received. These ladies are definitely inspiring. I have six friends expecting right now; as well as, both my sister and sister-in-law. Needless to say I have lots of fun making and creating in my future. What is your favorite baby gift to give, make, or receive?

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  1. I make baby quilt and give them as gifts!