Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Quick Matching Skirts for the Girls

Michelle and Bryanne at Michelle Patterns had a little Pinterest challenge going on this past week. Pinterest is such a fun site and I keep finding myself on there adding all kinds of goodies and ideas to my boards. I have slowly been making stuff but when I saw her challenge to sew up something I had pinned I jumped at it.

I have a bunch of skirt patterns and tutorials pinned that I'd love to make for Sydney. As I've mentioned before my oldest daughter is very tall for her age and the styles right now are short. This leaves my sweet girl with not many dresses and skirts to wear so I have wanted to make her some so that I can just add a little length to them.

I decided to start with a simple pattern so Saturday morning I pulled out some fabric I had been saving and got to work. Of course once I was making one for big sister, little sister wanted one too. The fabric is two prints from the Early Bird line by Jane Sassaman, it is a quilting weight and just right for summer skirts. I used this great tutorial from Hickety Pickety Handmade. I love the lighter weight fabric with this pattern because that bottom band of fabric is folded giving it double the thickness. This works perfectly to keep the skirt in place when the girls are running all over. They have already worn them twice.

This exercise showed me that with just a little time I can be turning those inspirational pins into actual items for my home and family. Now if I can just fins a little more time maybe I'll make some more skirts and dresses. What have you pinned that is at the top of your list to sew, craft, or bake? I think next I'll be trying some fabric flowers and orange push-up smoothies.

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  1. Nice! I have 3 daughters and just printed out a tutorial to make them nightgowns. I have some knit Hello Kitty fabric, but I've never sewn knit before, so I keep putting it off, but I'm going to get to it this week.