Friday, May 11, 2012


Lately I've been...

- packing boxes and getting ready to move into our first home. Yay!
- dreaming of paint colors, decorating ideas, and future projects for previously mentioned new house.
- celebrating my favorite person with bananas foster bread, cupcakes, and snickerdoodle cake. (We know how to eat around here.)
- trying to convince an adorable boy to sleep just a bit more at night.
- watching a beautiful butterfly perform with about 300 other first graders. Such fun chaos.
- seeking moments out to cuddle and play trains with my 2-year old.
- wishing I had more time to make this granola and try other recipes found on pinterest.
- needing to spend less time on pinterest.
- preparing and planning gifts and celebrations for two nephews due later this year.
- spending time with cousins.
- savoring every quiet moment with family and reminding myself that all the craziness lately is due to God's abundant blessings.
- enjoying the warm weather with picnics, walks, and trips to the zoo.
- celebrating a milestone 80th birthday for my grandpa who is such an example of Christ's love to me.

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  1. Love this! You are a great Mom and Wife on top of being a supremely talented Homesteader.